5 Ways to Have a Healthy Day

By Carmen Staicer, Chief Mom - DietsInReview.com

Most days you probably scramble out the door with kids hovering around both legs, make-up half done, and five minutes to spare. This daily scenario is happening in homes across the country, and it's not helping our moms get any healthier.

Take a deep breath, and if you can make these five healthy habits part of your routine, you'll start and end each day feeling better.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep. Getting enough sleep each night is an important key to maintaining a healthy weight and having plenty energy to get through work, exercise and managing the household.

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2. Make Breakfast a Priority. Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast helps jump start your metabolism, with the best choice being a complex carbohydrate and protein combination. Eggs and bacon might taste yummy, but it's a higher fat choice.

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3. Carry a Water Bottle. Drinking enough water during the day keeps your body hydrated and helps you lose weight. Often, we reach for food when we are actually thirsty. To avoid unnecessary waste, buy a reusable bottle and drink it down each hour. If the idea of that much water makes you crazy, add fresh fruit or a flavor packet.

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4. Don't Skip Lunch. Don't leave the house without your lunch. Relying on fast food choices will only fill you with empty calories and fat. Take a few minutes to pull together a salad with a chicken breast, a healthy frozen meal with a piece of fruit, leftovers, a can of soup, or a sandwich. You will be so glad you did when noon rolls around!

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5. Always Have Healthy Snacks. Stashing a small baggie of trail mix, almonds, protein or granola bars, or fruit leather in your purse, vehicle or desk will save you when the mid-day munchies hit.

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