5 Workouts that Will Take You to the Max

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One way to shake up a humdrum fitness routine is by going outside the box - way outside. (And I'm not talking about hitting the treadmill after a stint on the elliptical.) Push yourself to the limit with a workout that tests both your fears and physicality. It's amazing what you can do once you set your sights on something.

1. Insanity: In a word, the Insanity workout is, well, insane. In the same vein as P90X, this 10-disc, at-home fitness program pushes you through a series of intense workouts focusing on strength, power, resistance, and core. The idea is to burn 1,000 calories per hour and walk away with a set of abs that look like they were chiseled from rock. What you'll find: intervals, plyometrics, and tons of strength and resistance work.
2. Rock Climbing: Beautiful scenery, fresh air - rock climbing is an almost perfect way to spend the day. It's also a major (mental and physical) workout that is going to test your fear of heights, balance, and strength. Once you're looking down from hundreds of feet up, it will all seem worth it. Head to an indoor climbing gym to get your feet wet, then sign up for an outdoor rock climbing class. You won't regret it!

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3. Boxing: More than just running around in a ring, boxing is a total-body workout, which will challenge your balance, agility, and strength. And once you start sparring with a partner, boxing challenges your mental prowess, too, requiring you to be fearless and smart on every move. Make your way to the boxing gym for a real-deal, no-frills workout. Think of it like boot camp on overdrive. Still nervous? Try our boxing tips for beginners.
4. CrossFit: If you're unfamiliar with CrossFit, think of it as the hardest workout you've ever done, but then add steroids. A typical CrossFit session may involve Olympic-style lifting, climbing over walls, hurling sandbags, sprinting, and tossing tires. Curious what to expect from a CrossFit workout? See what we thought, when we did a CrossFit workout ourselves.
5. Trapeze: If you've given up dreams of running away and joining the circus, do the next best thing - soar through the air on a flying trapeze! Once you get past the fear of being up so high, you'll realize that it's an amazing core workout that you'll feel in your abs, hamstrings, forearms, and upper back. Check out this video of FitSugar's own Susi taking her first trapeze lesson.

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