6 Tips For Managing Portions and Eating Healthy

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Tue, Nov 8, 2011 4:19 PM EST

Diet coach Judy Weitzman shares tips and tricks for healthy eating

When it comes to eating healthy and losing weight, Judy Weitzman is a pro. Known by her clients as "Diet Coach Judy," she recently released her book, How to Eat When Life Gets in the Way, which includes helpful tips on dealing with the 3 o'clock slump, free food at work or at the grocery store, candy dishes everywhere and other diet-busters. Judy says this is "not your typical diet book."

"It is kitchy and fun with tons of tips for everyday life," Judy told genConnect. "I believe wine and chocolate are major foods groups that everyone should enjoy … in small portions. The tips in my book range from how to make healthy food choices in any kind of restaurant, to how to eat at work, when traveling for special occasions."

Click through the slideshow above for tips to manage portions and control calories while eating out from Judy's new book.

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Thirty years ago Judy Weitzman lost 50 lbs and has kept it off. To maintain her weight, Judy stays in a 3 lb range by using little tricks that allow her to enjoy life and not add inches. Her biggest motivator is a closet full of clothes that she doesn't want to replace with a bigger size. Judy loves eating out and would prefer dessert over dinner any day of the week. One of her favorite foods is a McDonald's hamburger. Bottom line, she believes you can eat anything you want in this world as long as you limit the portion size.

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