6 Tips for Traveling on a Plane Without Making Enemies

By Leah Bourne, The Vivant

Travelling Etiquette Gone are the days of luxury air travel. Instead, flying on a plane these days is easily one of the most trying experiences you can have. And as the seats have gotten smaller, the food more disgusting, and the experience overall more difficult, plane etiquette seems to have by and large gone out the window. Wanting to reclaim the air, here are some etiquette tips for air travel so you can begin to set the standard.

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1. To Recline Or Not To Recline:
There is basically no legroom in an average economy-class seat-the "pitch" between seats is around 28 to 34 inches-so when the person in front of your reclines their seat you are basically screwed. Space must be shared on planes (repeat this to yourself if you have to). Ask before leaning into it. Or, spend extra for a premium economy seat, which comes with a little more legroom. Another option: Ask to be seated in an exit row.

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2. Right To The Armrest:
As a general rule, the person in the middle seat gets the armrest. If it is a scenario where you think it is up for debate, don't be afraid to start a discussion with the person next to you. Communication is key.

3. Sharing Overhead Bins:
The space above your seat does not belong to you exclusively. Again, you are meant to share that space. Carry a soft-sided bag, smaller than the maximum size allowed, that will fit, if necessary, in the space under your seat, and try to limit putting your stuff only in the overhead bin directly above your seat.

4. What To Do About Kids:
There's nothing that sets off the fireworks as much as other people's kids. Unfortunately, there is really nothing you can do but grin and bear it (and remember your earplugs). That being said, you do need to be mindful of your own children. Sure, you might be tired, but they are your responsibility.

5. Planes Are Not a Place To Make Friends:
No matter how much you love to make new friends on the plane, the person next to you might rather get some work done, or simply may not feel like being chatty. If a friendly comment gets a minimal answer, take the hint and leave that person alone.

6. Don't Drink Too Much:
Having a few alcoholic drinks may seem like a great way to pass the time, but keep yourself in check. At best if you drink too much you'll be going to the bathroom every five minutes. At worst, you will seriously disturb your fellow passengers.

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