6 Weird and Wacky Facts About Your Period

1. The first week of your hormone cycle is a good week to start dieting. According to a Tufts University study, you're already eating 12% less this week and have fewer hormone-related food cravings.

2. Try quitting your smoking habit during the second half of your cycle. A 2008 University of Minnesota study shows that estrogen may be responsible for giving you a greater "buzz" from addictive substances like nicotine. When this hormone level decreases in weeks three and four, you enjoy cigarettes less, making it easier to quit.

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3. Your period can leave you tongue-tied. According to the same University of Minnesota study, progesterone interferes with your verbal ability, making you stumble over words and lose your train of thought. This hormone can also cause constipation and bloating, so load up on fiber and water to stay regular.

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4. Your PMS may be contagious. If you find your guy getting moody around the same time your period hits, you could be rubbing off on him. Although more research is needed, "there's mounting evidence that monthly fluctuations in testosterone may produce PMS-like symptoms in men," says California psychotherapist Jed Diamond, author of Male Menopause. In a study presented at the Society for Menstrual Research's 11th Biennial Conference, guys who filled out a questionnaire complained of monthly mood swings similar to those of women surveyed.

5. Roommates might get their periods at the same time because of the moon's lunar cycle, Wider says. Experts also say that chemical signals in one woman's body may be picked up by another's, and the fact that women who live together share many same stressors also has an effect on the timing of their menstruation.

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6. Yuck! Your period can give you diarrhea. According to Hope, the same chemicals that trigger uterine contractions to help expel blood inadvertently cause your lower intestine to contract as well. Take an anti-inflammatory painkiller at the first twinge of cramping to stop the contractions.

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