7 Easy Exercise Moves that Burn Fat

This workout move will help you burn fat quick!This workout move will help you burn fat quick!Sure, you hit the gym to tone up and get fit. But sometimes...you just want to torch calories. Stephanie Vitorino, a group fitness manager at Equinox, swears these exercises will burn fat ASAP.

By Korin Miller

1. The Reverse Lunge
Hold a eight to 10-pound weight in each hand and hinge forward at the hips as you step back into a lunge. This uses more of your glutes and lower body-and using more of your bod burns more calories. Then extend your arms out at your sides into a rear fly. Do 10 reps on each side.

2. The Burpee Pushup
This move builds lean muscle by using your own body weight. Instead of just doing a pushup, start from a standing position, hop back into a pushup, and then hop back up to a standing position. Do 10 reps.

3. The Single Leg Bridge
Start out laying on your back, bed your knees, and raise your hips, pushing your lower bod into a "bridge" position. Then, raise one leg and hold the position for five seconds before lowering it and raising the other leg. Do this five times.

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4. The Squat Press
Grab a resistance band and place it under your feet. Holding a handle in each hand, squat down (stick out your butt and make sure your knees don't extend over your feet), then stand up straight with your arms extended above your head. Do this 15 times.

5. The Deadlift
Hold an eight or 10 pound weight in each hand and hinge over at the waist with your arms straight toward the ground, hanging below your shoulders. Stand up straight and pull your arms up into a bicep curl. Do 15 reps.

6. The Rotating Plank Row
This one really targets your back and obliques, shrinking your waist in the process. Grab a six or eight pound weight in each hand and hold yourself in a pushup position while gripping your weights. Twist your body to one side and raise your arm straight up in the air. Hold this position for one second and lower, then repeat on the other side. Do 10 reps.

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7. The Side-to-Side Squat
This will work your butt, thighs, and core all at once-yes! Grab an exercise band and loop it around your ankles. Spread your feet hip-width apart and then step your right foot out to the side, following with your left. Then step back, using your left foot first and following with your right. Make sure to always keep your feet at least hip width apart in order to maximize the resistance.

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