7 Small Acts of Kindness that Make a Big Difference

Discover how the WD staff is doing good and giving back.By WomansDay.com Staff

Whether you donate to a local charity or help an elderly woman cross the street, even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way. Need a little motivation to do your part? Join WD's 20 million readers in the Kindness Project, and make someone else's day a little brighter. Woman's Day editors are joining in too! Copy Editor Lauren Spencer dug out her car and the one behind her during a recent snowstorm. Beth Haase, Editorial Business Associate, also lent a helping hand by returning a lost wallet after searching for its owner on Facebook. Click through to see how other WD editors are giving back, and get inspired. Photo by GettyImages.

Heavy Lifting

"I saw a mother having a difficult time getting up the subway stairs with her stroller, baby and diaper bag. Everyone was just rushing past her, but I offered to bring the stroller up the stairs while she carried her child, and then I helped them get settled before going back down to catch a train."

Natalie van der Meer, Associate Features Editor

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Food for Thought

"A group of friends and I went to Hope Lodge to serve meals to cancer patients and lift their spirits. The payoff was immediate. From the conversations we shared to just sharing time and food with the patients, we cannot express the gratification and the impact this experience had on all of us. From the adults to the children, we all received a special gift, something that made us reflect on how fortunate we all are."

Hilda (Cookie) Ortiz, Advertising Information Services

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All Tied Up
"On one of my trips to Ikea, I saw a mom trying to tie an enormous box to the top of her car while her five-year-old daughter was waiting for her. Since it was definitely a two-person job, I offered to help her."

Ayn-Monique Klahre, Home Editor

Books for the Better

"I arranged to have WD's overflowing library of books boxed and picked up by Housing Works, an organization that provides lifesaving services to people with HIV/AIDS. The books will be sold in their thrift shops, providing much-needed revenue."

Diane Oatis, Copy Chief

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Spread the Savings
"I leave coupons next to their products at the grocery store for other customers to find."

Sue Kakstys, Managing Editor

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