7 Surprising Sleeping Facts You Might Not Know

Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit

Sleep is important to your body and mind for a number of reasons. For example, sleeping for just an extra hour can lower the risk of heart attack by 33 %! If you don't sleep properly, then it can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, diabetes and even a stroke. The funny thing about sleep is that if you sleep more than the recommended seven or eight hours, then it increases the risk of heart disease. That is not only thing unusual about sleep. Here some surprising facts about sleep that you probably weren't aware of:

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You can dream at any stage in your sleep - Previously, scientists stated that individuals can only dream during Rapid Eye Movement (REM phase). However, new research shows that human beings can dream during any stage of sleep. It turns out that during the non-REM stage, human beings' dream will be made of thoughts, feelings and emotions that they are experiencing. For example, suppose you have lost your cell phone; the fixated thoughts about your cell phone will lead to dreams during the non-REM stage.

Some individuals don't need an alarm clock -Some individuals don't need an alarm clock because they have their own internal alarm clock. Such individuals are able to wake up due to a stress hormone called adrenocorticotrophin. Your body produces it in response to biological stress that wakes you for important appointments or meetings.

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Toddlers and teenagers need the same amount of sleep - Why are teenagers so difficult to wake up? It turns out that like toddlers, they need ten hours of sleep. For adults though, eight hours of sleep is enough. Research indicates that women need to sleep an extra hour longer than men. Research indicates that because women are not getting that extra hour of sleep, they are more vulnerable to depression. Individuals, who are over the age of 65, need to sleep only for six hours.

Your brain never falls asleep -A person's body might slumber and take a rest, but his or her brain never stops functioning. During sleep, it will instruct your other organ systems to keep functioning. For example, breathing.

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Violent sleepers should take neurological tests - Violent sleepers are individuals who punch and kick during their sleep. According to research such individuals have a fifty percent chance of having neurological diseases like Parkinson's disease as they grow older. It is important that such individuals get neurological tests done.

Sleep deprivation causes you to lose your concentration and attention - It is important that you sleep well, or the lack of sleep will diminish your thinking ability and problem-solving abilities. It also stops your brain from storing memories so you will forget things easily.

Beauty sleep can result in wrinkles - If you are sleeping in the wrong position If you sleep on your stomach or your side, then your face will be in contact with your pillow. This will result in sleep lines that will lead to wrinkles.

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