7 Ways to Boost Your Energy when You're Struggling Big Time

Drink water!Drink water!Feeling tired more often than not? Girl, we feel you: A study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that women are typically more exhausted than men. (Running the world takes it out of you…) So we asked Shilpi Agarwal, MD, and Equinox group fitness manager Jenn Hogg for eight ways to stay alert throughout the day.

By Jessica Herman

1. Hydrate
Start the day with a glass of room temperature water (your body has to work to heat it up if it's ice cold, which could tire you out even more), and keep hydrating until you hit the sack. "Everybody puts too many starchy carbs in their diet, and sodas, which negatively affect your blood sugar," making you feel pooped, says Hogg. Water moves those downers through your system faster.

2. Move It
Agarwal says that 25 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five to seven times a week will help you fall asleep faster and go into a deeper sleep so you're more rested during the day. Plus, you'll enjoy that natural energy high after your workout.

3. Step Away from the Screen
Staring at your computer for hours on end burns your eyes and your energy. "Find a private spot in your office and do a few sun salutations," says Hogg. Stand with your feet hip distance apart, inhale and bring your hands straight above your head. Then exhale, bend forward, bringing your hands to touch the floor or your thighs. Lengthen your arms in front of you and look forward. Exhale back down with your belly to to your thighs, and then inhale back to standing.

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4. Just Breathe
Take five deep breaths while picturing happy images, and you can actually up your serotonin ("happy hormone") levels. Note: Deep breathing comes from the belly rather than the diaphragm. Make sure you're doing it correctly by putting your finger on your bellybutton and feeling yourself getting a Buddha belly as you breathe in.

5. Good Morning
Can't seem to get out of bed? Try three downward dog and plank positions for three to five breaths each first thing in the AM. It's a nice way to rev your internal engine and your core, making it easier to harness that power center throughout the day.

6. Feed Your Bod
Filling up on those refined sugar-loaded snacks at the corner coffee shop while you race through the day? Not doing yourself any favors; you'll crash from the sugar spikes. Make sure your balanced diet is packed with protein and rich in fiber. Take in plenty of whole grains, broccoli, cauliflower, apples and jicama.

7. Stock Up on Supplements
Women tend to be deficient in Vitamin D and magnesium, which help your body stay energetic. Agarwal recommends 1,000-2,000 milligrams of Vitamin D daily, magnesium (either as a supplement of 100 to 250 milligrams a day or two to three Brazil nuts twice a day). She also suggests Siberian ginseng and ginger extract-which both help to replace stress hormones that are deficient in the body-but advises seeing an expert in Eastern medicine to determine the proper amount for you.

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