7 Ways I'm Getting Back in Shape After My Baby

Fitness RoutineFitness RoutineI've always struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, so I'm no stranger to dieting and exercise. Pre-pregnancy I had gotten into a pretty good routine, but it was pretty easy to fall out of my routine once I was pregnant. The excuses, while legitimate, were plentiful: "I'm too tired", "I feel awkward trying to do Zumba with a giant pregnant belly", "My feet are swollen", "It's too hot - I don't want to overheat the baby."

And, let's not even talk about the eating. While I ate a fairly balanced diet, I definitely enjoyed my indulgences, namely ice cream…often. By the time my pregnancy was complete, I had gained a whopping 55 pounds. Lucky for me 35 of those pounds came off right away in the week after Fern was born, but I've still got 20 to go - actually 30 since I was 10 pounds over my "happy weight" before getting pregnant. Time to get back in a routine!

So, what am I doing to get back into a healthy routine and shed these post-baby pounds?

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EggsEggsEating a good breakfast
While I won't be going on a "diet" per say, I will be trying to eat a well-balanced diet instead of subsisting on granola bars. I've found that starting off my day with a protein packed breakfast is key. For some reason it helps me to make healthier choices all day, and even if it doesn't, at least I got in one substantial meal. Eggs are the easiest option, but they leave me full until I can manage to get away for a moment to make something else later in the day.

List of FoodList of FoodWriting down what I eat
Sometimes I simply forget what I've already eaten for the day (5 granola bars in one day rings a bell), so I will be keeping track of what I eat - not the calories, simply so I can be more self-aware.

WaterWaterAll water all the time
When I was pregnant I almost exclusively drank water, since most of the fun drinks were off limits, but now that I'm not pregnant soda, juices and coffee have slowly crept back into my diet and they're just empty calories, so I'll be choosing water over all else unless I'm eating out.

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GymGymDitching the gym
The gym just doesn't fit into my life with a baby anymore, both the time commitment away from Fern as well as the price tag now that we have one less income. My jogging stroller and I are going to be really good friends.

Buddy SystemBuddy SystemTeaming up with friends
Working out is always more fun with a friend and it's a good excuse to get out and have a bit of adult conversation if you're a stay-at-home-mom.

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WorkoutWorkoutAt home workouts
Before Fern was born I had taken a Barre3 class and I loved the ballet/pilates/yoga fusion, gentle yet challenging. But, with a new baby and adjusting to a one-income budget going to Barre3's classes simply wasn't in the cards. Lucky for me, they just started an online program called My Barre3 so I can use the Barre3 workouts at home for a fraction of the price and on my own time. There are 10, 40 and 60 minute videos that are constantly being rotated so you won't get bored. Currently the 10 minute ones are all I can manage, but they're great!

TunesTunesFinding some new tunes
The right music can be great motivation when the urge to give up on a run is looming in the distance. My personal favorite is the "Girl Talk" station on Pandora.

-By Lauren Hartmann
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