8 Gluten-Free Energy Bars Worth Trying

POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 8 Gluten-Free Energy Bars Worth Trying

With so many surprising food items containing gluten, it can be challenging to find a gluten-free snack. Energy bars can be a great way to get a quick nutritional boost while also making a convenient, healthy snack. But just like anything else, you need to be careful you're choosing a kind that is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, rather than high fructose corn syrup or sugar. Here are seven bars that are not only good for you, but safe for people with celiac disease or an intolerance or allergy to gluten.

  • Bumble Bar Organic Energy Bar: These organic energy bars from Bumble Bar are made from simple, delicious ingredients like brown rice syrup, flaxseed, vanilla, and cinnamon. Everything used in each bar is certified organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Choose from 14 tasty flavors like chocolate crisp, chunky cherry, and awesome apricot.
  • Pure Organic Raw Fruit & Nut Bars: Pure is the perfect name for these raw fruit and nut energy bars because they are organic, all natural, gluten-free, raw, and vegan. All that and they don't contain gluten, dairy, soy, cholesterol, trans fats, preservatives, or GMOs.
  • Freeland Go Raw Bars: Practically homemade, these gluten-free Go Raw bars come to you from Freeland. Wholesome, delicious goodness sums up these bars that are gluten, wheat, vegan, soy, GMO, sugar, and sugar free. They also contain sprouted organic buckwheat groats, organic flax, organic raisins, sesame seeds, and sprouted organic sunflower seeds.
  • KIND Plus Nutrition Bars: KIND makes gluten-free energy bars that are low in carbs and sugar, yet full of protein and vitamins. All bars are natural, have a low glycemic index and are low in sodium.

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  • MACROBARS Organic Peanut Protein: For a protein boost, the MACROBAR is an excellent option. These gluten-free bars are organic, vegan, GMO free, and macrobiotic. Some tasty flavors include peanut butter chocolate chip, granola with coconut, and cherries 'n berries.
  • NuGo 10 Raw Natural Energy Bar: These gluten-free bars from NuGo 10 are low in calories and boast three nuts, three fruits, and four seeds.
  • Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars: If you have an allergy to peanuts as well as gluten, these Raw Revolution Food Bars may be the energy bars for you. Certainly not lacking in the taste department, these bars are certified-organic, vegan, kosher, and are high in protein and iron. They also include tasty, healthy ingredients like cashews, dates spirulina, almonds, and sprouted flax and provide 6-8 grams of protein.
  • Bonus Bar: DIY Fruit and Nut Bar: If you're the type that likes to experiment in the kitchen, try our recipe for homemade fruit and nut bars. Not only are they gluten-free and vegan, they are easy to make. Plus, you'll save some dough by making your own treats.

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