8 Recipes that Celebrate Pear Season

POPSUGAR FoodSource: 8 Recipes That Celebrate Pear Season

During Fall and Winter, it seems like there's a different variety of pear to enjoy every day of the week. With warmer weather peeking around the corner, now's the time to celebrate the plump fruit, which is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and fiber to help aid in digestion, boost your immune system, and strengthen bones. Read on for eight versatile pear recipes to make now!

  • Banana Pear Bread: Don't throw out those over-ripe pears; throw them into your latest batch of banana bread instead! This pear banana bread recipe uses walnuts as well for a delicious grab-and-go breakfast treat for chilly mornings.
  • Kale, Carrot, and Ginger Smoothie: Adding a ripe pear to this kale, ginger, carrot smoothie adds a slight sweetness as well as a good dose of fiber to help keep you full.
  • Pear and Edamame Crostini: Whether your hosting a get-together or just need a tasty new snack idea, keep this pear and edamame crostini recipe in your back pocket. You can whip up the edamame, cheese, and mint mixture in minutes for a flavorful appetizer that's healthy.
  • Avocado Pear Smoothie: Famished after a long evening workout? Fuel up the morning after with this protein-and-fiber-packed avocado pear smoothie.
  • Shaved Beet and Pear Salad: Celebrate the remaining weeks of Winter with this shaved beet, onion, and pear salad, simply tossed in red wine vinegar and olive oil and topped with mint and feta.
  • Pear Cranberry Pie: It's never too early in the year for a pie that evokes the holidays, and this pear cranberry pie would be delicious whether it's accompanying your Thanksgiving spread or a regular weeknight dinner.
  • Pickled Pears: Got a few unripe pears languishing in your fruit basket? POPSUGAR Food has a solution: pickle them. The pears will retain their crisp texture while the brine softens them. Use this healthy condiment as a side for many types of dishes.
  • Pear Muesli: Shake up your granola routine with this pecan, prune, and pear overnight oats recipe.

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