8 Tips to Keep You Trim This Summer

Keri Glassman talks staying slim this summer. With bikini season knocking on our door many of us are scrambling for quick fixes to slim down. We caught up with registered dietician Keri Glassman, author of "Slim Calm Sexy Diet," and a Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt ambassador to talk about healthy tips to keep you sizzling all summer long!

Tip #1: Snacks Anchor Your Health
Glassman says a common complaint from clients is that they're eating three healthy meals but they're not losing weight. She says that's often because they're starving by the time they get to their meal and they overindulge. She says it is best to anchor your meals with healthy snacks like Greek yogurt which gives you "more bang for your buck." "It will keep you from overeating at dinner…it has more protein, but it is also more satisfying because it is thicker."

Tip #2: Make Every Meal a Monday Morning
During the summer it is easy to reach for that extra scoop of ice cream or another glass of wine on the weekends, but Glassman says if you're trying to beat the bulge, you need to change that mentality. "Every meal is a Monday morning," she explains. "No black and white eating. No all or nothing attitude. Every meal is an individual opportunity to eat well."

Tip #3: BYO Appetizer to Summer Parties
Barbecues are notorious for being a breeding ground for calorie-packing appetizers. Instead, bring your own healthy snack to share. "I use Greek yogurt and add herbs, spices, water chestnuts and Dijon mustard to create a dip." By bringing your own snack, you're making sure you have a healthy option and giving others that chance to make healthful choices. "If you're doing something healthy and it tastes good, people are always happy."

Tip #4: Eat Empowered
Glassman says she likes to tell clients to "eat empowered" meaning, "Think about what you can do good for your body, not what you can't have," she shares. "It isn't about-- I can't have that candy bar. It is about, I can have cherries with yogurt. I am going to feel good that I satisfied myself with something healthy."

Tip #5: Start Your Day Off Right
Glassman says starting the day off without breakfast is like building a house without a foundation. "You need to lay the foundation for your day. You need to break the fast to get your metabolism going." She advises one of these combos for breakfast - either a milk or yogurt and a starch or fruit and a protein or a fat. Try this: French toast using whole grain bread dipped in egg with cottage cheese and cinnamon on top.

Tip #6: Listen to Your Body
Eat when you're slightly hungry and stop eating when you're slightly satisfied. Try not to think about it as, oh I am allowed to eat this so I am going to eat more of it, and I'm not allowed to eat that so I guess I can't overindulge in it. It is more of a question of, "Are you in the mood for it?" "What are you craving?" "How hungry are you?"

Tip #7: Fuel Your Body Pre and Post Workout
Glassman says if you are doing a 45 minute causal workout and you eat healthy throughout the day, there is no need to add a pre-workout snack since you'll be working out within hours you're already properly fueled. Instead she says to make sure you eat a properly proportioned meal afterward with a protein and a carb like chicken and wild rice.

Tip #8: Juice Because it is Healthy, Not Because it is Trendy

The latest trend is "juicing" and we've seen celebs rave about the benefits of "cleansing" but Glassman says the fad often is used more as a crutch for people in preparation for a big weekend splurge. Instead she says, forgo the "juice cleanse" and just add green juice to your normal routine as a good way to get your greens.