What Are You – an Exercise Addict or a Health Conscious Individual?

You Are Obsessed With Exercise You Are Obsessed With Exercise Addiction for anything that should be consumed in moderation is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. To reiterate, addiction to exercise can be dangerous too, though it is good for your health. Addition to exercise obsession may expose your body to a long list of health hazards. Exercise and healthy diet should go hand in hand if you are a health conscious individual. This would also bring you the desired results in a short span of time.

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The question in this article is how much exercise is too much? Health experts suggest that commitment to exercise is great; however, obsession and addiction are not good.

Symptoms That Indicate You Are Obsessed With Exercise

v You frequently experience symptoms of withdrawal. For example, you would have to face irritability, concentration problems, etc, while you are busy in other activities.

v Tolerating increased level of any activity

v Obsession with any activity that hampers in the way of completing other activities

v Continuing exercise even when injured or sick

v Exercising away from others or in an secluded manner

v Exercising for more hours than usual

v Exercising up-to a level of pain and even beyond that

v Following a strict exercise routine

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The Side-Effects of Exercising Obsessively

v Higher levels of stress hormones in the body

v Vulnerability to electrolyte and dehydration imbalances

v Higher level of risk to suffer from insomnia

v Menstrual abnormalities among women

v Risk of injury to bones and other structures surrounding the joints. It happens because the body needs more calories and fats to work out more. Also, the same calories are needed to build and strengthen the body. However, these calories are not used for the additional amount of exercise that you do which is why there is high risk of bone damage.

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Treatment of The Condition

Exercise addiction also requires treatment just like other addictions. You will need to have strong commitment to quit the strict exercise schedule since you will have to stay away from weight training and aerobics for some months. While you stay away from the regular exercises, devote this time to hobbies and activities that would help you refrain getting back to exercise. According to health experts, finding out the real cause of such obsession is extremely important. In case your addiction is a result of depression, then you should be suggested right activities to improve self-esteem as well as to inculcate self confidence.

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People who exercise obsessively should know that they can only get optimum results if they do it in moderation combined with a balanced diet. Imitating celebrities' and sports stars' work out regime can be dangerous if not done in the right way.

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