In 90 Days You WILL Be Fit

Yes! It's your favorite time of year again- "bikini season!" I know, that first day out of the gate, when you timidly strip off your clothes to expose your pasty skin, only covered by the strip of fabric known as a bikini (but is really just glorified and waterproof bra and panties) can be terrifying. Well, it will be slightly less terrifying if you snap out of your old routine and kick start your BeFit program…

It's actually easier than you think.
You can transform your body in 90 days, at home, with daily exercise videos, for free. All that is required of you is daily dedication and the determination to stick with the plan. But not just any plan, the BeFit in 90 plan.

Forget the gym.
Turn on your computer and load up BeFit in 90, then tone your abs, trim your thighs, lose weight, and get healthy and fit. To make it super easy, each workout is organized into playlists so there's no question as to what you are supposed to do on what day. Like other popular, but expensive workout programs, the free BeFit in 90 workouts are circuits, making it so that you don't exercise the same muscle on the same day. The playlists are broken down into 10 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of strength, 10 minutes of yoga/sports stretching, and a warm up. Yes, the workouts are so effective that you only need to work out for 35 minutes a day, with 2 rest days a week, for 90 days, and you will transform your body. To remove the excuse of "I can't afford it," it's free on YouTube, and you STILL get to train under the guidance two of the world's top trainers. Yes, the world- Garrett Amerine and Samantha Clayton.

Garret is a fitness certified war hero who was injured in Iraq but through physical training has made a miraculous recovery. Samantha Clayton is an Olympic track star from the United Kingdom who is also the wife of baseball hall of famer Royce Clayton.

It's called the BeFit in 90 program and it's exclusively available through YouTube. Essentially, it's the future of fitness. No more gym fees. No more waiting in line to get into packed aerobics classes. All you need is:
-A computer
-35 Minutes

Want more than 90 days of workouts?
Behind the 90 day program is Lionsgate BeFit, a YouTube fitness channel that features favorite workout stars like Jillian Michaels, the pros of Dancing with the Stars, Denise Austin and Jane Fonda- yes… she's back, still has a smokin' hot body and wants to help you get fit too with her two new DVDs. And that's all free too.

Remember: If you started to work out when you started to think about working out, you'd be fit by now. Every day that you put off starting your workout program, puts you one day further from achieving your goal. You deserve to stand in front of the mirror and feel proud… even in your bikini. What are you waiting for?