A "handy" guide to portion sizes

With out of control portion sizes these days, it may be hard to keep track of how much of which foods you should have each day, let alone have to measure it all. Now, you can easily visualize portion sizes, thanks to this "handy" guide from the USDA!

A fist or cupped hand = 1 cup

For example:
1 serving = 1/2 cup cereal, cooked pasta, or rice
OR 1 cup of raw, leafy green vegetables
OR 1/2 cup of chopped fruits or vegetables

A thumb = 1 ounce of cheese

Handful = 1-2 ounces of snack food
Remember, 1 handful = 1 ounce of nuts and small candies. For chips and pretzels, 2 handfuls = 1 ounce

Palm = 3 ounces of meat

Thumb Tip = 1 teaspoon
Keep high fat foods like mayonnaise to a minimum by measuring the serving with your thumb. One teaspoon is equal to the end of your thumb, from the knuckle up. Three teaspoons equals one tablespoon.

1 tennis ball = 1 serving of fruit
Healthy diets should include 2-4 servings of fruit each day.

***Important Note: Because hand sizes vary, compare your fist size to an actual measuring cup.

I must say, this is the best portion size guide I've seen in awhile, hands down! :)

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