Are you stressed and anxious about the holidays? Read these tips for making better use of your time, reducing your stress, and making your season merry. Here's how to have a fun, relaxing, and healthy holiday season.

ASSIGN TASKS TO OTHERS: Many hands make light work.

BUDGET FOR GIFTS, PARTIES: Financial stress after the holidays is not worth it.
COOK IN ADVANCE: Prepare foods ahead of time and freeze them.
DECOMPRESS: Sit down and read, play a game, take a nap.
E-CARDS: They are easy, fun and the wave of the future.
FOCUS ON FUN: If it isn't enjoyable, ask yourself why you are doing it.
GROCERY SHOP WITH A LIST: A time saver and a money saver.
HEALTHY EATING: Take care of your body and fuel it efficiently.
IMPROVE SLEEP HABITS: You will feel better with proper sleep.
JOURNAL: A proven stress reliever.
KEEP IT SIMPLE: The simplest things can be the most beautiful.
LAUGH: Another proven stress reliever and so much fun!
MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY: You are in charge of your 24 hours a day.
NEW TRADITIONS: Don't be afraid of change.
ONLINE SHOPPING: Time, energy and money saver.
PICK YOUR BATTLES: You won't please everyone all the time.
QUIET TIME FOR YOURSELF: Conserve your energy and fill up your reserves.
REFLECT ON PRIORITIES: What is most important to you? What/who are you putting first?
STREAMLINE GIFT GIVING: Buy one gift for each person or make a date to spend time with them.
TIME WITH LOVED ONES: There is no greater gift.
UNDERSTANDING OTHERS: Seek to understand others....we don't all see things the same.
VENTING (APPROPRIATELY): When you are stressed or angry, talk it out with someone.
WATCH EXPECTATIONS: Things won't be perfect--accept this.
XANAX (ho ho-just checking to see if you are reading this---with a valid prescription only please)
ZZZ's Sleep in heavenly peace.

Linda Peterman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Tampa, Florida. She specializes in couples counseling, relationships, communication, anxiety, domestic violence and other issues pertinent to mental health and happiness.

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