Adele Sets Stage for Health with Pilates and No More Cigarettes

Expect a healthier looking Adele behind the mic at her next performance.

By Lacy J. Hansen for

Pop music superstar, Adele is attempting to drop two dress sizes come this summer.

The 23-year-old singer made her mark on music history this year as she took home a record of six Grammy's. Not only did she clean up in the awards, she gave her first public performance since having throat surgery in the fall. The singer's voice blew the crowds away and many were so pleased to see Adele back on stage belting her tunes.

Due to her vocal chord damage, Adele finally kicked her habit of smoking and has been a non-smoker since the surgery. After that major health hurdle was cleared, the singer has found herself with more energy. Quitting smoking was half the battle in getting healthier, something Adele has wanted to do. To tackle the remainder of the health battle, she's been working out with a personal trainer twice a week and attending Pilates classes.

It's rumored that in addition to Pilates, Adele is also running to get fit and meet that dress size goal come this summer.

Adele has always commented on her happiness with her body and admits to having no desire to be a "skinny mini." Even after designer Karl Lagerfeld called her "a little too fat" in a French Newspaper last month, Adele stuck to her convictions, clearly stating she had no interest in being Hollywood's version of skinny.

Some are accusing her of taking Lagerfeld's comments to heart and that is the drive for her new fitness regimen. Friends say that she's always wanted to practice Pilates and hasn't had the time until recently.
Who cares? This talented, beautiful girl, who clearly has a better self-image than most of us wants to get healthier, not rail thin, healthy. She stopped smoking and has set the stage to take better care of herself, good for her! Keep it up, Adele!


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