Aim for the pink: Show your support for the cure

We're well into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I certainly hope that you've been inspired to reacquaint yourself with your boobs, or your favorite pair of someone else's boobs. That pink ribbon is everywhere this month, but it's not just a gimmick and certainly isn't something we should ever allow out of our minds. You have to read Misty's explanation of why she got a seriously kickass tattoo, because it absolutely makes me tear up:

"Here in 2008, we literally stand planted in a place where we can almost see the end of this debilitating disease. A disease which shames some people to think about. A disease which, sadly, some people downplay. They're just boobs... (Yes, someone actually said that.) When I chose to become proactive and passionate about breast cancer awareness, the pink ribbon wasn't even a fashion trend yet. As many people as we see, with pink ribbon water bottles and little rubber bracelets, there are thousands more women who sit in fear, denial, or ignorance because they simply don't know the risk. Or the facts...I can hide in denial, with the best of them...But what I can't pretend otherwise is that I don't want my daughter, or my niece growing up in a world where the threat of breast cancer is still so terrifying. I want her to learn that being a woman is a beautiful thing, and worth fighting for. Worth protecting. Most importantly, I want her to learn that the ability to give birth, or making it through life with both breasts in tact does NOT define her femininity. Being a woman is so much more. It is about loving and embracing, nurturing and supporting. Community and sisterhood...So last year I had the tattoo in the photo above, put on my forearm. I put it there so I could never forget what women face, or how far women have come."

It's time, chicas, to put forth your breast efforts. Stand tall and proud, because this horrible disease affects everyone, with or without boobs, and it's senseless that we can put a man on the moon and deliver an erection via a little blue pill but almost 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected to happen in 2008 alone. It's time to tell the world that this cause is important, that it really really matters. In some ways, I kind of hate that the symbol of hope is a benign little girly pink ribbon. I wish it was every color of the rainbow, wrapped with barbed wire around the neck of an eagle with the world in its talons, because it's that freaking important. It's not just boobs. It's everyone. And when you wear the symbol proudly, you're reminding people that we care about finding a cure.

Please read SELF's 2008 Women's Cancer Hanbook. It's medical advice that could save your life!

Looking for ways to show your booby pride? DEX New York is giving away a free hot pink hair extension if you make a $10 donation to breast cancer research. From DEX's blog:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is why now through October 29th you can donate $10 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and receive a FREE Pink Hair Extension to wear to show your support. Also, includes a complimentary makeup consultation. We'll also be serving up some fierce Pink Cocktails and cupcakes all month long during the promotion--particularly in the late afternoon to early evening hours. So spread the word, and join the fun as we help to raise funds to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Call 212.643.3188 Ext 107 to schedule your appointment today! If you want to go a little Jem for the cause, you'll be in good company. Annie over at Style Dash is already sporting a streak of hope this month! You can also support the cause with your adorable bottom with this pretty awesome pink thong complete with sparkly pink ribbon of hope.

That is your assignment for the weekend, folks. Do some good today, and let's all get together and kick cancer's ass.

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image via Rainy Day in May