Allure Cover Girl Penelope Cruz's Beauty Secrets

by Elizabeth Siegel

Mario TestinoMario TestinoHere's something I bet you didn't know about Penelope Cruz: She wears a different fragrance for every character she plays. And her awesome take on method acting makes total sense when you learn about her relationship with beauty. These are Cruz's beauty secrets, as told to contributing editor David DeNicolo, who interviewed her for our January cover story.

She may choose a new fragrance for every role, but there's one scent she can't live without: "Trésor. I have used it since I was 13, and now I'm the spokesperson for it. I love it. It's been the fragrance that I've used the most in my life. I have so many memories related to this scent."

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The best hair trick she's learned from a stylist is way more advanced than the usual teasing: "My parents owned a hair salon, so I learned a few tricks there. I can cut people's hair--if they let me." Awesome.

Cruz joked to DeNicolo that her Nine costar, Sophia Loren, was always trying to get her to eat more. So what's Cruz's biggest food craving? "Pasta with basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes."

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A typical day's diet isn't too shabby: "If it's good, it's five meals a day."

There's a good chance her hair regret is the same as yours: "I had a very curly perm in the '80s, thanks to the 'Way You Make Me Feel' Michael Jackson video. I liked the girl in it."

Her favorite workouts? "Dance. Yoga. Pilates."

Her least favorite? "Running."

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