An Amazing Cooking Ingredient to Try Now

by Sarah Jio, Glamour
OK, I cannot keep this to myself. I recently made the most delicious pumpkin bread (I know, I'm already making pumpkin bread), and I swapped out half the flour for this weird ingredient that turned out to be such a smart move...

Have you ever cooked with almond flour (also known as almond meal)? It's basically finely ground almonds, and it's supposed to add a boost of nutrition and moisture to cookies, cakes, bread, etc.

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So, I recently added a half-cup to a batch of pumpkin bread, and wow, wow, wow! It gave the bread the most moist, satisfying texture and the flavor was slightly nutty, but also really buttery and delicious. The best part was that it made the pumpkin bread feel more substantial, thanks to the protein in the almond flour, so a tiny slice for an afternoon snack powered me through to dinner with zero hunger pangs.

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Seriously, go to the store and buy this stuff. You will love it.

Have you ever baked with almond flour?

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