An article in the news paper byA professor of"Study of Developing Societies,Delhi need not to advice Gurus of the rest of the Indians out of the Delhi Developing society as to why?

It looks quite funny if a Professor of Study of Developing Societies,Delhi unfortunately while not very familiar with the developed Societies of Delhi of which unsolved criminal .murders and financial scams are often coming to light for so many years by the persons and the members of the Delhi of( the so called copy of developed and global cultures are experts under the Delhi Police that too have been noted by the courts for their handling brutally on peace full situations like that of Baba Ram Dev's gathering at Delhi where he had to save himself from the police lest it could have been a case of encounter God forbid, But instead the writer tries to down grade a Guru as coward because he jumped out to save his life where as he saved himself from the encouner just to let his guidance to continue for the fight for corruption and bringing the black money from out side countries which now the governance is trying to acknowledge but feeling helpless too.. As regards being jealous of his success in treatments and popularity of his followings for a particular medical field that is health of the nation if the guru has devised a method( may be of a part of Varied yoga principles) need not to be creticised by a person who may have a limited knowledge of Yoga that requires a life long association of yoga practice. It is also not discussed by the writer how and why and for what a SATAYAGRAHA IS PERFORMED AND REQURED FOR. As regards the media reaction it is all nonsense because the PM of our country did not like to address the media but prefered to talk to the media heads as to why not a conference with the media lest it may be reported and distorted too as per the habit.. The word sena in Hindi means a organised group of people but in English it may be called an Army and our over jealous media made a fuss of it as if in Hindi congress sens, doesnot mean in English as Army too. Why the writer is talking of Guru RamDev to take the advice of other Gurus why not the writers own advice based on the degrading standards of the Delhi based Developing Societies of which he or she is the professor. Let the writer be known that for whom and under the influence he may have written this article is simply not for the Indians suffering for the undoings of the Delhi walas like the so called developed societies. of Delhi.