How Andie MacDowell Gets Fit

Andie MacDowell

Watching a slim and sleek Andie MacDowell work couture style as fashion maven Gray Chandler on the ABC Family series "Jane By Design," it's easy to think that this model-turned-actress endures a grueling workout schedule to stay in top condition. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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"My main exercise is walking or hiking," Andie, 53, tells ThirdAge. Yep, Andie's shape-up secret is dressing warmly and hitting the street. "Getting sunshine is really good for you. You get vitamin D when you walk outside," she says of her ambulatory exercise routine. Of course, the price is just right. "People always say, 'I can't afford to join a gym.' You don't have to join a gym. You have to buy a pair of tennis shoes!"

It's a lesson the star has passed on to her children, son Justin and daughters Rainey and Sarah Margaret.

"All of my kids are very active," Andie says. "They love to exercise and play, even if it's just playing basketball or getting into some kind of sport. It's about getting out with friends and moving. I've taught them that."

Andie says adding a healthy diet to the program also helps her and her children feel their best. "All kids should learn not to overeat packaged products, but to go for fruit and vegetables," she shares. "Making them readily available for your kids, it teaches them that it's a really good habit."

Along with walking, Andie does yoga. "I do that for body, mind and spirit," she says. And trainers need not apply. "I don't have a trainer, I don't need a trainer. I'm my trainer," she declares.

Catch Andie in the season finale of "Jane by Design," airing Tuesday, March 6 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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