Angelina Jolie Shocks with "Sickly" Thin Frame at Golden Globes

Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Golden Globes
Angelina Jolie shocked the viewers of the Golden Globes tonight. Not for a scandalous speech or a daring dress, but instead for her appearance. Jolie's frail frame donned one of the most praised dresses of the night, a Versace Atelier dress that Yahoo! Shine named as one of the "best" of the night.

When the speaker addressed the crowd of Hollywood A-listers, many eyes were on her flawlessly matched red lip stick, dress collar, and clutch; however, most were on Jolie's stick-thin arms and "sickly"-thin waist.

Twitter, of course, reacted to her sight immediately. One Twitter user, @RockChalkGirl, posted:

"Angelina Jolie looks sickly. Being thin is one thing. Being that thin is just too much."

To this, there were several responses to us @DietsInReview:

"totally agree, WAY too thin. Bones are not sexy people." - @elispeights

"white made her look more emaciated if that's possible." - @Pinky_w_a_Brain

"I agree!! Undoubtably too thin." - @CorBowden

For a woman well known for her fit and firm figure from years of playing hard-hitting action roles, no one could believe their eyes that she'd shrunk to be so thin. For all the Hollywood figures that mainstream America tries to emulate, this shouldn't be one of them.

In late 2011, rumors started circulating that Angelina was on a near starvation diet, consuming no more than 600 calories per day. A diet of 1200 calories per day is about the lowest any dietitian would recommend, and according to Jackie Keller, founder of the Nutrifit diet Jolie followed several years ago, someone of Angelina's size should be consuming 1500 to 1600 calories each day. Keller shared this with RadarOnline in November, saying that a minimum healthy weight for the actress would be 130 pounds.

Tonight, she was clearly far thinner than that.

Like many of her fans, she's a busy mom, possibly busier than most with a brood of six, leadership with international philanthropic work, and her most notable position as an actress and director. It's a lot to manage, and anonymous insiders say that Jolie doesn't make time to eat.

Skipping meals, or starving yourself, tops the list of dieting no-nos. "Skipping meals, especially breakfast, causes us to lose sight of our body's natural hunger cues," Cheryl Forberg, RD told us in The Best Diet Tips You've Never Heard. Not only should you not skip meals, but you should also try to eat small, 100- to 150-calorie snacks between meals. This helps to manage your metabolism and prevent hard crashes that leave you feeling ravenous.

Contrary to popular belief, starvation is not the ticket to weight loss; you have to eat quality, healthful food that fuels your body. At 600 calories a day, Angelina is hardly giving her body what it needs to manage basic functions, much less thrive through her chaotic schedule.

Is Angelina too skinny… or is this all just too much hype? Sound off here!


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