Anna & Anna verses the four band of Governance but not the ills being suffered by the nation verses its solutions by the un mindful governance.

ANNA &ANNA every where there is Anna but may be Anna Hazarey be in captivity of of the four of governance legally or ill legally in the TIHAR JAIL made for the criminals of standards. But ANNA, epitomes of Shri Anna Hazarey are free to roam and show to the world for what they have come out of their homes to let the democratic world know as to how the demand for anti corruption is being put to gallow under the garb of rules that are not there in the Parialment but at the will of Local police and as they claim was necessary for the uphelding of democracy by the four, even without in knowledge of Higher authorities.. T^he group could not smell or feel the nations aspirations of free India with a right to live, healthy and wealthy and literate which has been successfully snatched from them under the garb of development. globalization with resulting into ghotolas and scams. As it was brought by the opposition to the governance that the band even did not consult the opposition that they are making a law ,( Which was found by the experts of law that it will help to spread further corruption instead of controlling it to minimum) and now ANNA &ANNA are come out to get the world support frm the world for their cause. They claim that the assembly is supreme and can enforce any law matters little it affects the people or not because they are the elected ones. But in an assembly if more that hundreds of the elected members are under the breaking of law proceedings as to why they could not force the law to their liking by a majority of force that could tilt the purpose to their benefit. That is why ANNA and society have tried to make a law draft and that was made to shut up le4st it would harm a few and thus b e kept off the governance. I A writer in TOI to day in "FAST and LET LOOSE:." writes that The Face Book fedayeen who smell jasmine in the fetid air are just misguided. innocents compared to the seasoned corps ever ready to don..... is it may not be read as paid up write by the writer for the cause of the corruption to be immortal.