Another Reality - the Gulf of Mexico is Dying

Personal and planetary challenges transform into enduring peace, harmony and prosperity, when a critical mass of individuals choose it to be so.

Electrical Power flows and appliances work when appliances are plugged into the Source of Power. Unplugged or partially plugged in appliances are powerless and do not work.

When individuals plug into the Source of 'unconditional Love', which is Light - the only Power in the Cosmos, what we require to restore harmony and order on a personal and planetary level will find us. Light is referred to spiritually as Consciousness, God, unconditional Love or other Name, and best described scientifically as fundamental electromagnetic quantum energy or quantum hologram. Light, which entangles all creation, is All There Is.

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The difference between experiencing life as heaven or hell is a choice. The choice is to see beyond conditioned minds long held hostage by extreme deception and economic manipulation. Be the spark of Light you naturally are. Unconditional Love is the only Power to smooth transition as this World Age closes and a New World rapidly comes toward us, foretold long ago by many indigenous cultures and known to new sciences.

Our Earth Mother is Conscious Light. As I understand, oil is to Her Body as blood is to our body. Lack of respect for Earth, one another and other kingdoms has brought our species to the edge and is no longer supported.

A new emerging reality is like a dam with a hole in it now. The finger in that hole will be removed quickly in 2011, because this World Age Shift is accelerating. As extreme deception and economic manipulation are unveiled, PEOPLE REQUIRE SUPPORT and GUIDANCE to transform fear into understanding the bigger picture. New sciences and conscious awareness encourage our species to unite, cooperate and release a burdened past.

Rather than allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear, go into your heart and focus intention and attention on gratitude and joy for this RARE and natural EVOLutionary opportunity, to set ourselves free from the wheel of pain and suffering. When you do this, what you require will find you! A New World is calling our species to awaken from the InSight Out and go where only Light follows.

Earth is a freewill zone where humans live in a veil of forgetfulness or amnesia. On some non-material level, every person on Earth agreed to show up in form now and end the blame game, judgment, criticism, shame, hate, war, etc. It is time to awaken from a long dream and re-member heart aware inner truth, that separation from Source or true Power is an illusion.

Love is for-giving. Only unconditional Love re-writes the codes of reality and liberates our species. The truth sets us free however there is no true liberation without Love. Earth will be victorious with or without us. Forgive the past, yours, mine, others, and Love yourself as you are! Love and respect our Earth Mother and all life forms. Believe in our species ability to unite and rise to this glorious occasion and EVOLve as one Light into our divine destiny. Only Love is real.

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