Baba Ramdev- his national activity versus" Anarchy" as per biased knowledge of some ex Justice of India is it justified or a enforced propaganda of the Corrupt persons through his writing in the TOI. paper.

It is a bit shocking that a former justice write an article about Baba RamDev the Yoga Guru and declare without hearing his case in the court of the public of India but not (civil courts) by giving the judgement ex party as Ramdev is a a Symbol of India's anarchy, in the TOI news paper onjune15,2011. it seems lest it is written in duress of the corrupt persons so as to justify them and their rampant corruption in India un controllable . Let me ask from him what is the meaning of anarchy and how does it works and as being tried by BabaRamdev ji. At one time he says and describes the pitiable conditions of most of the citizens but forgetting how the other sector of the people under the garb of Globalization are response able for making the poor people more poor through their corrupt handling the countries money and transfer it to some other parts of the world. and wishing that there should not be any hindrance in their activity which has been so up to this time and therefore such enemy of the nation are seeking help from those in power and who are being now opposed to Babaram dev and Shri Hazare ji and party. for their anti corruption movement to save the nation from thugs and black marketeers etc, There fore me Lord it seem termed him as an Anarchist because Baba wants to rise the nation against these law breakers and culprits of the nation. This is also a fact how intelligent and hard working and entrepreneur Yog Guru is that he could raise his industrial empire so successfully in so short time and too without any help from out side where as inspite of the so called financial advisers and experts of every kind of problem solvers like jacl of all and master of non in our governance we the country is suffering. It is shame full to feel that a sadhu living like a sadhu on the earth and not in the 5 to7 staR HOTLES MADE FOR A FEW WHO COULD NOT SEE WHAT THE EARTH MOTHER INDA IS. SUFFERING That he is running his empire of which so many are envious and jealous but still could not be touched for any fault as per law. As regards he cannot give money to the country as the judge objects but why could all the big multti millions dollars person s ever think to do some thing charity to indians. He thinks to liberate the world but not India because now a days the governance only think and com[are with global world not India as it exist now by the few masters of Indian democracy who talk about a democracy and a defunct parliament who mostly under walk outs and without any important work done.