Can Baking Beat Depression? This Pop-Up Thinks So

By Alice Tate, Refinery29

Just like a dog is a man's best friend, a cake is a woman's, right? Getting us through the good days and the bad days (and all the days in between), a sickly-sweet cupcake can be just the pick-me-up that we all need. In light of that law, welcome the new bakery pop-up, The Depressed Cake Shop - where you will leave with a smile and a sugar high.

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The Depressed Cake Shop was set up to raise awareness about depression, as well as much needed monies for mental health issues. The pop-up bakery is touring the U.K. throughout August and will be selling a selection of grey cakes. That's right, we said grey - but that's all part of the point. Speaking out about the concept, Creative Director Master Baker, Emma Thomas, says, "The grey-scale colour scheme of the cakes is in part to represent the hopeless grey feeling of depression." Coming as a sequel to last year's "Eat Your Heart Out cupcakes" and "STI cakes" (no, really), expect weird and wonderful things. Thomas adds, "'Except the grey exterior, I didn't want to restrict how people could express themselves."

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