Be honest: How often do you wash your workout wear?

I'm working harder at working out, running several times a week, meeting with a trainer on Fridays, and trying to squeeze in some planks before lunch. Taking my exercise routine up a notch not only means I'm wearing my Spandex capris and wicking fabric tanks more often, I am sweating through them at an alarming rate.

I suppose I haven't previously figured in the amount of time I'd spend piling all my exercise clothes into the washing machine or soaking jog bras in the sink when I calculated the hours spent getting more fit, but I've definitely noted a tighter schedule as I try to firm up my backside.

So far, I have been pretty strict about washing each item after every workout. That means a lot of laundry. I suppose I could use that post-college trick of buying more clothes so I do less laundry. For now, though, I am resisting buying more workout wear until this new routine is more set in stone, using a new running skirt or cushioned socks as a reward rather than a motivator this time around.

I know, I know. Doing tons of laundry is not exactly the greenest. I just can't bring myself to put on still-damp, stinky, or stretched out shorts or tee when I am getting ready to push my body and brain pretty hard.

That said, I promise not to judge you if you are getting the absolute most out of your yoga pants and only wash them every few workouts. I might grimace if you go longer than that, but I will cheer you on for being hardcore in your activity, if not your laundering.

It's your turn to air your own dirty laundry: Are you a crazy workout-wear washer? Or are you more laid back about the exercise clothing laundry?