Beat that case of the Mondays

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWalk into the office feeling foul, and it'll show in your work, research in the Academy of Management Journal suggests.

"When you start in a negative place, you tned to spiral downward," says co-author Steffanie Wilk, associate professor of management at The Ohio State University. Find your ultimate happiness

Here are some ways to turn things around if...

You woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Give yourself a lift by listening to feel-good music during your commute or even squeezing in some exercise, "which we know alters mood for the better," Wilk says.

You feel swamped just looking at your to-do list. Start with something small-checking it off when you're done will motivate you to tackle tougher tasks. How to live the dream

You're still overwhelmed at lunchtime. Take a bad-mood-busting break: Go for a short walk outside, read something that makes you laugh, or try a yoga move (if you have space).

You're nowhere near done, but the day almost is. Reevaluate what you can realistically get done for the day, and lower your expectations if you need to. Finish what you can. 10 tricks to increase your focus

You leave the office in the dumps. "Go out with a friend, work out, or just relax at home," Wilk says. "Do what you need to do to recharge your batteries so the next day is better."