Beer with Benefits: 4 Reasons to Drink Guinness

by QuickieChick Laurel House.
Pint of GuinnessPint of GuinnessWhether you're typically a beer drinker or not, St. Patrick's Day seems to be the one day a year when almost everyone drinks their share. For those who drink MORE than their share, they are often the ones waking up the next morning barely able to lift their throbbing heads, swearing off alcohol for good (this time), and shunning the site of the piles of empty beer bottles. But beer isn't all bad.

Studies have found that drinking beer in moderation can reduce your risk of heart disease, kidney stones and certain types of cancer. Another unexpected perk, if you are drinking Guinness (even Obama drinks it): you could be consuming fewer calories than you would have with that glass of Pinot or Cabernet. Other benefits of this brunette brew…

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At 170 calories per pint, Guinness will do less damage to your diet than a glass of orange juice or even a glass of low-fat milk.

There's a reason AskMen ranked Guinness as one of the Top 10 Popular Quality Beers… it just tastes good! The thick, rich consistency means you'll actually want to savor each sip, rather than chug it down to move onto the next one-another calorie-saving component.
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Overall beer is winning the battle of benefits. Beer drinkers have 30% higher levels of Vitamin B than non-beer drinkers and TWICE the amount of wine drinkers. Beer also increases HDL levels-your "good" cholesterol-and reduces the chances of blocked arteries, a major cause of coronary heart disease.
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Now this one might be a bit controversial, but new moms who have been off alcohol for 9 months should grab a Guinness in celebration of their access to alcohol again. A small amount of alcohol increases blood stimulation, with promotes milk production. Guinness in particular promotes milk production with its high levels of Vitamin B and Iron.

Don't hide out this St. Patrick's Day in fear of a massive hangover and a little extra jiggle in your middle. Guinness is the perfect beer to fetch during the Irish festivities. Enjoy twice the benefits and half the guilt as those other beer drinkers.

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OF COURSE… drink responsibly, in moderation, and only if you're of age. And NEVER drink and drive. Call a cab. It's cheaper than bail.


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