Beer or Soda? Wings or Ribs? 5 Best Healthy Super Bowl Snack Picks

Beer or Soda? Wings or Ribs? 5 Best Healthy Super Bowl Snack PicksBy the Editors of EatingWell

For many of us, the fun of Super Bowl Sunday comes from watching the game, the commercials--and from enjoying 4+ hours of non-stop snacking! But not every football snack is an all-out calorie blitz. With the right game plan, you can indulge while keeping your tight end.

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We looked at 10 of the top Super Bowl snacks and out them in a face-off to see which would win in terms of health. Here are our top 5 healthy picks for Super Bowl snacks.

Chicken wings (3 = 150 cals.) VS. Baby back ribs (1 = 170 cals.)
Winner: Wings!
Post-Game Analysis: Not only do you get to eat more for a similar number
of calories, wings are lower in sat. fat (2 g vs. 4 g).
Extra Points: Skip the blue-cheese sauce for an even skinnier treat.

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Tortilla chips (1 oz. = 140 cals.) VS. Potato chips (1 oz. = 150 cals.)
Winner: Tortilla chips!
Post-Game Analysis: Tortilla chips narrowly claim victory with less sodium (80 mg vs. 180 mg). Check nutrition facts, since brands can vary. Extra Points: Get either contender in the baked variety and save 20-40 calories.

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Guacamole (¼ cup = 85 cals) VS. Black Bean Dip (¼ cup = 60 cals.)
Winner: Tie!
Post-Game Analysis: Both players are good choices: the guacamole has healthy fats and 3 g of fiber; the black bean dip has 2 g of fiber and 4 g of protein, which may help you feel full.
Extra Points: Make it yourself. Nutrition can vary widely by brands, as some add lots of extra salt and full-fat sour cream.

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Mixed Nuts (1 oz. = 168 cals.) VS. Pretzels (1 oz. = 110 cal.)
Winner: Nuts!
Post-Game Analysis: Nuts might have more calories (168 vs. 110) and sat. fat (2 g vs. 0 g), but they're also chock-full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.
Extra Points: Go for unsalted, dry-roasted nuts.

Beer (16 oz. = 140-160 cals.) VS. Cola (16 oz. = 142 cals.)
Winner: Beer!
Post-Game Analysis: Close in calories, beer wins for having no sugar (vs. regular cola's 37 g) and some health benefits in moderate amounts (one drink for women; two for men).
Extra Points: Reach for light beer, which will save you at least 45 calories per serving.

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What's your favorite super bowl snack?

By the Editors of EatingWell

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