Being Allergy Wise and Allergy Free

By Melissa Williams

Learning to cook allergy-wise can be a steep learning curve, depending upon the allergies you're contending with. I'm learning what I can bring to my daughter's peanut-free school for her vegetarian lunches (yep PB&J is out)... yet something that doesn't have to be refrigerated. If you're looking to increase your knowledge of allergen-free cooking, check out our favorite cookbooks here.

Here are a few tips for living allergen-free.

  1. This one I pack for my daughter's peanut-free school. Nut-free trail mix. Mix banana chips, raisins, craisins, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, dried apricots, and maybe some chocolate chips.

  2. Roll-ups. Buy pre-made wheat-free tortillas (look for soy on the lable), spread hummus, loads of veggies and turkey on top. You can also do a Cream Cheese & Jelly wrap the same way, if dairy isn't a concern.

  3. If you're cooking dairy, egg, and wheat-free at home, a good cookbook is a must. See above, but we also have heard wonderful things about this release.

Finally, allergen-free sounds well stifling. It doesn't have to be. We love author, Elizabeth Gordon's book for Allergy-Free Comfort Foods, filled with everything from mashed potatoes to banana bread and chocolate chip cookies.

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