Bethenny's Holiday Help: Is it Okay to Re-Gift?

What to do with that generic gift basket of bath soap or that unpleasant-smelling candle? Here's Bethenny's take on re-gifting. You might be surprised...

Bethenny's Holiday Help: Is It Okay to Re-Gift?

Q: With the holiday season fast approaching, do you think it is okay to re-gift?

A: For certain things, I would say yes. But if you receive something like a hideous sweater that you hate, don't pass it along to get rid of it.

If you have received several bottles of wine, there is no need to buy a new one for a gift, but I would personalize it for the recipient. Combine the wine with his or her favorite treats like chocolates, cookies, and a basket to make the gift more special. Add a personal note and it will be perfect, and you don't have to feel guilty about re-gifting.

If you're only gifting because you feel obligated, then I'd advise you not to; you don't need to run up your credit cards even more. A gracious "thank you" should do. If she's really your pal, she'll understand.

What's your holiday dilemma? Bethenny says bring it on! Post your question below in comments or tweet her at #BFHolidayHelp.

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