Your Body's Clues

By Melissa Williams

It is so easy to complain about such issues as heartburn or headaches and not realize their root cause. But if we don't learn what causes these somewhat painful and certainly annoying behaviors, we never learn how to stop them. Here are a few signs and what you can do.

  • As any pregnant woman will tell you, leg cramps are more than a minor inconvenience. They cause debilitating pain that can result in a sore muscle for days.

    What is your body trying to tell you? You're electrolytes are off balance, and you might be dehydrated. You also might not have enough calcium and magnesium in your blood. Check your mineral supplements and hydrate.

  • Eye twitches are distracting and can sometimes last for hours.

    What is your body trying to tell you? Lay off the caffeine. Too much caffeine, too much stress, and too little sleep can all result in muscle spasms. And who knows, perhaps the faces we make when we're under stress are part of the equation too.

  • Chronic headaches. If you need to pop an ibuprofen on a daily or even weekly basis for headache pain, you might want to look at some hidden culprits in your day. (You'll also want to talk to your MD.)

    What is your body trying to tell you? It could be a number of things. Stress certainly causes stress headaches. Too much electronic use can also cause headaches by putting too much pressure in the nerves in the neck. Dehydration and too much caffeine can cause headaches. (Too little caffeine can too.) But a diet that is causing inflammation in your body may also be to blame. Such foods as peppers, chocolate and red wine are known headache triggers.
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