Boston Market's New Under-550-Cal Menu Has Perfect, Lower-Cal Comfort Food

by Sarah-Jane Bedwell R.D.

Courtesy Boston MarketCourtesy Boston MarketDo y'all remember when I told you about Boston Market's great holiday meal offerings? Well, the good news is that Boston Market is pushing their healthy initiatives beyond the holidays -- you can get a healthy meal there year-round. Specifically, the (delicious) rotisserie chain just announced its "Meals Under 550 Calories" menu, which contains more than 100 (yes, 100!) mix-and-match options of their favorite entrees and sides. You can also use their new, customized, interactive nutrition calculator to build your own lower-calorie meal. Plus, you won't pay a fortune for these better-for-you meals either. From now through the end of March, guests can enjoy two individual meals with two sides, two desserts (watch those sweets!) and two fountain drinks for only $20 as a part of Boston Market's "Complete 2 for $20" deal. But before you go mug down, check out my RD-approved picks.

Mediterranean Chicken Carver Sandwich on Multigrain Artisan Roll without Dressing: Full of flavor, this sandwich starts with Boston Market's signature rotisserie chicken and is dressed with feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and lettuce on a fresh multigrain artisan roll. Not only does this large sammie clock in at 490 calories, it also provides a whopping 40 grams of protein.

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Roasted Turkey Market Bowl: This dish features hand-carved turkey with fresh steamed vegetables and garlic dill new potatoes topped off with sweet Thai chili sauce in one sweet bowl for just 380 calories and a mere 0.5 grams saturated fat. Plus, it'll fill you up with its six grams of fiber and 23 grams of protein.

Quarter White Skinless Rotisserie Chicken With Garlic Dill Potatoes and Fresh Steamed Vegetables: If you want a classic, comforting chicken dinner, this is the meal for you. A quarter of their white meat skinless rotisserie chicken is served with tender new potatoes seasoned with garlic and deal as well as with a side of colorful steamed veggies for just 400 calories and 10 grams fat.

Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup and Caesar Side Salad: If soup and salad is more your thing, try a cup of chicken noodle soup, which is made with Boston Market's rotisserie chicken, then cooked with tender vegetables and dumpling-style noodles in a rich, clear broth. Pair it with their Caesar side-salad for a meal containing 440 calories. The blend of rotisserie chicken, romaine, an Italian blend of cheeses and croutons with a creamy Caesar dressing is sure to satisfy.

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