Boyfriend's Cheating Prank Takes Amazing, Unexpected Turn

(Warning: This video contains strong language.)

Boyfriends of the world take note: It’s a bad idea to prank your girlfriend by confessing to cheating unless you're comfortable with karmic payback.

A guy named Roman Atwood of Columbus, Ohio, didn’t get that memo. On Wednesday, he uploaded a video of his girlfriend, Britney, when he “confessed” to cheating during a trip to Aruba to celebrate their five-year anniversary. 

Atwood, 30, begins by telling Britney, 23, the mother of their 2-year-old son, that she’s about to hear the “worst thing you’ve ever heard in your life” (a jerkier version of “We need to talk”). Then he says that he cheated with “a stupid girl [he] met in L.A.” As Britney dissolves into tears, he begs for her forgiveness, promising never to stray again. Through her tears, she cries, “I cheated on you too!” and Atwood promptly flips out, punching a lamp and the bed while cursing. But before he loses complete control, she yells, “I saw you setting up the camera, you idiot!” Relieved, he composes himself as Britney exclaims, “I thought you were going to propose to me!”

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This is far from the first prank Atwood has pulled and then posted for the world to see. He's previously pretended to urinate on a Ferrari owned by a nondisabled man who parked in a handicapped space and has released a lifelike toy snake on a crowded Miami beach, causing throngs of sunbathers to panic. But he clearly underestimated his girlfriend's smarts. And really, did he actually believe he could pull one over on the person closest to him?

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"Most of my pranks are harmless, and I had never done a mean-spirited prank until now," Atwood tells Yahoo Shine, adding that the video – which, as of Thursday, had racked up more than 4.5 million views – was not a media stunt, as some suspected. "But Britney ended up making the video, which was great."

While Atwood says he's undecided as to whether Britney's prank warrants a follow-up video, one thing is for sure: His joke is more forgivable than that of James Williams, another YouTube prankster, who spent weeks staging an elaborate joke on his girlfriend. He created a doll resembling the scary little girl from the horror film "The Ring," and attached it to a pulley that made the doll look like it was bursting out the television. He then filmed his girlfriend's terrified reaction as she woke up.

As for Britney, if she really wants to marry a prankster, the joke may be on her.

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