Breakdancing granny. And she's serious

By Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

It's summertime in the city and you know what that means. Why, yes, time to break out the granny break dance video!

Check out one of our very favorite family moments as Grandma Tracy gets down (seriously, on the ground) and dirty (I mean it, that's some grimy business down there). She shrugs off stereotypical older lady moves like the Chicken Dance and hand jive for serious stuff that even Lil Mama would be proud of. Probably the best assessment of Grandma Tracy getting down: "I can't even do the Cabbage Patch without stopping for a water break, and this memaw is going off like she doesn't know what a sciatica is."

Now, watch her rock South Street Seaport...and that fanny pack. And maybe, just maybe a little granny boogaloo will inspire you.

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