Breakfast Trey: Spanier, Colon, and draft kryptonite

Dr. Graham Spanier, (L) former president of Penn State, speaks to ABC News’ Josh Elliott …Today's hat trick of hot stories:

Penn State ex-president Graham Spanier wants the world to know that he didn't have any idea what Jerry Sandusky was up to -- and would never have protected him if he had. Spanier feels he's the victim of a "witch hunt," and Spanier's attorney has accused Louis Freeh of bias in his investigation.

Speaking to "Nightline" last night, Spanier said, according to an AP report,

that he knew only that Sandusky had been seen engaging in ''horseplay'' in a campus shower with a boy in 2001 and he took that to mean ''throwing water around, snapping towels."

I don't know about you, but if I'm a university president and I'm even reading a report about a coach's locker-room "horseplay," I'm assuming there's a reason I've been told about it, and that that reason is not how innocent it all is. Your mileage may vary on that.

Spanier's claims come on the heels of the recent revelation -- also made to the ABC News organization -- that Spanier himself suffered horrendous physical abuse as a child, to the extent that he required corrective surgeries. Just when you think this story can't get any bleaker. Watch Spanier talking to ABC's Josh Elliott right here.

One of my favorite parts of the run-up to the fantasy-football draft -- and speeeeaking of that: join our league! it's cinchy! -- is the lists of "all-avoid teams" that come out of just about every sports-news outlet the week before the NFL regular season. And one of my favorite parts of THOSE is seeing just how many of the dudes ON the lists have burned me in the past. (I'm sure he's a lovely man and kind to animals, but Beanie Wells, you owe me forty bucks.) Rob Gronkowski makes both the lists linked here; the other big name fantasy experts want you to skip is pretty interesting...

And finally, in the wake of yet another Bay-Area juice bust, Y!'s own Jeff Passan asserts that, while the punishment policy is working, MLB's clearly not catching enough punishees with its current banned-substances testing.

Do YOU think they catch all the players using PEDs? What about Spanier -- sympathetic, or full of crap? And who's on your no-fly fantasy list this year? Get your rant on in the comments.

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