Burn Baby, Burn! Calories Torched In 6 Winter Sports

By: StacyAtZeel

So by now, you've probably put away your swimsuits and sandals. But rather than lamenting the loss of summer (guilty as charged), get excited for winter by unpacking your sporty snow gear.

Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and yes, sledding, aren't just fun; they also offer a great way to stay in shape through the season better known for baggy sweaters and hot chocolate. Find out how many calories you can burn spending an hour on the mountain, in the rink, or in your neighborhood park.

Skiing: A 130-pound woman burns about 370 calories during an hour of downhill skiing. And let's be honest; no one goes back to the cabin after a mere hour on the mountain.

Ice Skating: Ice skating is another efficient way to blast calories. Circle the ring for a full hour, and a 130-pound woman can expect to burn nearly 440 calories.

Snowboarding: Ladies who weigh 130 pounds can burn roughly 370 calories after snowboarding at a moderate intensity for an hour. Hit the trails more vigorously to increase this number to 500 calories.

Snowshoeing: Just because you're not navigating a mountain at exorbitant speeds doesn't mean you're not putting in a lot of work. A 130-pound woman can slide away approximately 430 calories after just an hour of this horizontal sport.

Ice Hockey:
Knock around the puck for an hour to burn about 470 calories and get a serious arm and leg workout. Just remember to wear a helmet!

Biggest shock of the day? After 60 minutes of sledding, a 130-pound individual can burn over 400 calories. Just remember to spend more time dragging your vehicle up the hill than making snow angels to get them most out of your hour on the hill.

What cold weather sports are you looking forward to this winter? We've already got one ski-cation on the books! Bring on the snow; bring on the chili; and bring on the calorie blasting ski trails!