Can your water bottle do this? ALEX unscrews in the middle

ALEX, where have you been all our lives? Where were you when we tried to pour smoothies into our old narrow-necked water bottles? Or when we wanted to add ice cubes to our on-the-go H2O? And let's not forget cleanup. Do you know how hard it is to scrub yesterday's orange juice from the bottom of a reusable bottle?

Gretchen BleilerGretchen Bleiler But that's all in the past now. ALEX is here, thanks to Chris Hotell, who came up with the idea of a water bottle that unscrewed in the middle. Chris turned his idea into reality with the help of his mom, Marta Hotell, and his wife Gretchen Bleiler, a professional snowboarder (and Olympic medalist) who drives the team's design and sustainability efforts. The name stands for "Always Live EXtraordinarily", and it represents the trio's commitment to sustainable living - without sacrificing simplicity, convenience or style.

ALEX TeamALEX TeamIndeed, ALEX lives up to its extraordinary moniker. The body is built from 50% recycled stainless steel, and the carrying strap is made from recycled plastic water bottles. The middle joint makes it easy to clean (by hand or in the dishwasher) and simple to reconfigure. ALEX safe and easy to clean stainless steel water bottles.ALEX safe and easy to clean stainless steel water bottles.ALEX comes in two different sizes, and if you join half of the 32-ounce bottle with half of the 20-ounce bottle, you can expand your sizing options.

We're glad you've arrived, ALEX. Now we're never going to let you go.

Buy ALEX safe and easy to clean stainless steel water bottles here.

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