Celebrate Summer Lovin': 10 Healthy Date Activities

Uh-oh! Like it or not, the final days of Summer are driftin' away. If you're looking to take a vacation from your usual workouts, take advantage of the season and carve out some time with your favorite cutie or health-minded pal for a calorie-burning date. Tell me more, tell me more, you say? Here are a few of my favorites activities to cool you off, heat things up, and keep you moving.

Calorie burn based on a 130-pound woman that's 5'5". Calculate a more accurate burn stat for your weight and height with our Calorie Burn tool.

  • Plan a hike during the cooler hours of the day that will land you in one of your favorite spots. An hour of hiking could burn up to 371 calories - so indulge a little in a romantic and healthy picnic when you reach your destination.
  • Too hot to go outside? Kick off your sandals and pump up the Summer jams. A half-hour of a dancing to upbeat music at a moderate pace will burn about 146 calories. Download Usher's Versus and you are set for a sexy, sweaty dance date.
  • Heat things up, cool down, and work it out. A half-hour dip in the pool or lake will burn about 236 calories. Read up on swim workouts before you jump in, and make sure you are truly alone before you opt for skinny dipping.
  • Take a kickboxing or self defense class together to start swinging your way into Fall. Boxing will burn 186 in an half hour, and you'll get the added bonus of a mean right hook and self defense skills.
  • Building sandcastles on the shore won't torch calories, but the fresh air will lift your spirits and be a fun bonding activity. After you work together to build a fort, flip off your flops and burn 152 calories on a 15 minute run down the beach. Bonus points for throwing on matching tracksuits.
  • Learn a little and hide from the intense UV rays in a dark aquarium or museum. An hour of walking at a slow pace (you have to stop to look at the penguins or paintings!) will burn about 97 calories.
  • Surfs, up, partner! Rent or borrow a board and cruise out to shore for the day. Surfing for an hour will burn about 170 calories - more if you fall off the board and have to swim. Landlocked? Try street surfing or surf-inspired yoga.
  • Hit your favorite watering hole and get competitive at the tables. An hour of billiards will burn 97. Just don't sip it all back with one cocktail.
  • Times are 'a changing. Take advantage of the Summer air and cruise through your neighborhood or favorite park without a jacket. An hour long leisurely walk will burn about 207 calories. If you're looking for greater burn, make efforts to optimize your exercise time and burn extra calories on your walk.
  • If you don't want your Summer loving to ever end, show you have what it takes to make it through the back-to-school dance with some hot moves. High impact dancing for an hour could burn up to 450. (You might have to up the tempo from Usher to Gaga for a faster beat.)
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