Hey Twitter, Cher is not dead. So that's good.

To whom it may concern: Cher is fine. Following the news that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died, a Twitter hashtag caught like wildfire and sparked a mini-fire drill for Cher fans. Early this morning, Baroness Thatcher was memorialized on social media without enough spaces. The hashtag #nowthatcherisdead mistakenly started a Cher death watch. You can understand the confusion. 

Here is why you shouldn't get your news from Twitter hashtags:

And this happens:

And pretty soon:

Enter Ricky Gervais, Cher's unofficial spokesperson, to set the record straight.

And that is how Twitter rumors start. No word from Cher this morning. Her most recent tweet came last night from Chaz's birthday party, so she's probably just sleeping in. Nobody panic.