Chess is Simple

Chess is a great game that makes people think. It is simple and easy if you know how important it is for a young mind.
This article is the old way to play. It is the best way to learn and is a game you can do the rest of your life.

There are two players. You sit with a checkered board between you. Each of you has 16 pieces.

There is the white and black. Set them up with the queen piece on her color. There are eight pawns. These are the first protection pieces to your kingdom.

Some psychologist say if you are a chess player, there is something wrong with you. The only think wrong is that you are probably better at math than many others and more intelligent.

There are two rooks. They look like a castle. Place these on the back row on each side. From the inside out, next goes the knight or horse piece. Then the holy men or bishops on each side of the king and queen pieces.
Next learn what each piece can do. The queen is the most powerful because she can move in so many ways.
Get a friend who wants to learn or hire a teacher. Then play often.
Did you know if you become a master or champion, you can win thousands of dollars?

Zhaoqin Peng vs Annemarie Volkers Dutch Championship (Women) 2011 after 20. ... Nc5Chess Game