Class reunion countdown: I admit it, I want to look hot

I got the first email about my 20th year high school class reunion on the same day that I saw that this website, Hot By BlogHer, launched. Coincidence? I think not.

Let me explain. Hot By BlogHer is a group of women bloggers who are banding together online before they meet up in person at our annual conference this summer. They will be supporting each other in their efforts to get fit and look fabulous before we all ermerge from behind our laptops and iPhones and Suburu Outbacks at preschool drop-off.

I love this new site and applaud their teamwork. They have a goal, great energy, and plenty of snarkiness to get smokin' hot (in whatever way that means for each of them) by the time the conference begins.

So how is this project related to my reunion? My reunion is actually more than a year away, and the email I received was a call to help get the plans going for it. But my first thought was a flash of the horrid red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses I wore back then (I shudder just to admit that) and then to the teeny tiny size-6 purple suede miniskirt that was way too big for me back then. The glasses are (thank you, contacts) long gone but the miniskirt still hangs somewhere in my closet, more of a momento than a torture device.

After the flash of how different I looked by then, I thought of that new site. And I wondered what I might like to do in the year ahead to get super hot by my 20th reunion.

I'm not worried about losing weight, but I would like to tone up. And I won't be wearing that purple suede miniskirt, but I would like to look amazing in a simple, sexy little black dress.

I don't want to freak out about my reunion. But I also want to be as honest, just like those bloggers who will be working out until we meet up in July. I want to feel like I look hot when I am reunited with my classmates. That is, if they recognize me without the short skirt and giant glasses.

I think I will be reading this fabulous fitness blog while I get my own hotness goals in gear. And what about you?

What would you like to do to feel fabulous when you walk in to your next class reunion? Do you feel like you need to make a change in your lifestyle, work out, lose weight, or do something else so you feel hot, not bothered by the way you look?