Coca-Cola's New Beverage Collaboration Will Improve Your Health

by Amy Wicks, Glamour

Coca-Cola Co. is partnering with French drug manufacturer Sanofi SA to introduce a line of drinks that claim to help improve skin, strengthen hair and even help with weight loss.

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The drink will be called Beautific Oenobiol and launch in pharmacies in France this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal. After that, distribution will expand. The Journal added that the mystery elixir will be made up of mineral water, fruit juice and "nutrition additives."

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French pharmacies always carry the best products (they are more like drug stores with department store-level brands ) so launching in France seems like a good idea. I'm curious to try this drink and see if it makes a difference.

What do you think of a "beauty drink?" Would you give it a shot?

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