College Student Jon Cozart's Disney Princess Spoof Goes Viral

Photo by Jon CozartDisney fairy tales always end with "happily ever after" but what happens after the story ends? Does Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" get caught by poachers? Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" end up a plastic surgery addict? Cinderella, upon realizing that there's no such thing as the perfect man, become a bitter divorcée?

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Austin, Texas-based YouTube star Jon Cozart, 20, was curious so he wrote a tune about those notorious happy endings called "After Ever After" and sung it acapella-style in a video he shot himself. "Disney movies all end with the characters getting everything they desire so I wanted to put them in real-life scenarios to see what their lives would look like," Cozart told Shine.

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The video opens with a four-way split screen of Cozart singing to the camera, "If you've ever wondered why Disney tales all end in lies, here's what happened after all their dreams came true."

First on Cozart's hit list is Ariel "The Little Mermaid." He sings, "I loved being a princess down in this beautiful ocean blue. But mermaids are going missing, they end up in someone's stew. So just try to put yourself in someone else's gills. You're killing my ecosystem with fishing and oil spills. Thank you, BP...oceans are browning, I think I'm drowning, thanks to BP."

Next up is Princess Jasmin from "Aladdin" who, since we last left her, is distraught because Aladdin has been racially profiled as a terrorist. "My husband's at mark for the war on terror, Aladdin was taken by the CIA. We're not Taliban, you've got the wrong man...we're for freedom, genie conventionalists. Bush was crazy, Obama's lazy, Al-Qaeda not in this country. Set free my prince!"

Belle from "Beauty and Beast" is also on the chopping block. After marrying the beast she's been ostracized by her town for loving a wild animal. Pocahontas also fell on troubled times since her love John returned to England and she stayed behind to help the people in her village. They were forced into exile and Pocahontas became bitter and vengeful.

Since Cozart's video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, it's racked up 1,226,107 views and 59,873 likes with commentators begging him to spoof the rest of the Disney princesses and saying Cozart "won" the Internet. As of Friday afternoon, the video was number one on iTunes' comedy chart. "I got a letter from the President of Disney Theatrical congratulating me and George Takei from 'Star Trek' posted the video on his Facebook page," says Cozart. "People are asking me to spoof the rest of the of the Disney characters, so I'm considering that. Cinderella would definitely be a Real Housewives character."

For the University of Texas at Austin sophomore, the video is just another notch on his YouTube belt. In 2011, he shot himself singing an acapella song he wrote called "Harry Potter in 99 Seconds."  That video received nearly 13 million views.

Despite his newfound fame, Cozart has his priorities. "I'm in school right now on spring break but when classes start again, I'll have to focus," he says. "I'd like to continue making videos but homework comes first."

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