Comments of the Week: School Rules, Huge Burgers, and Free Speech

(Photo: Getty Images)The articles on Shine only tell part of the story; the rest can usually be found in the comments, where Shine readers weigh in with clever quips, stinging sarcasm, and smart discussions. Here are five of our favorite comments from readers this week.

The one that wins for sarcasm
Bob weighed in on the controversy over a Utah teen who got kicked out of class for dyeing her hair auburn. "Dye your hair? That's debauchery among our youth! Why can't she be a normal pregnant lesbian, with a handgun in her purse, like the other girls in school?"

The one that nailed it
Greenman clears up the confusion around Indiana's anti-gay prom plan: "Hooray! Let's talk about Free Speech again. Here is comes... Ready? Free Speech means you can tell the President to go F himself and they can't arrest you. That's Free Speech. But if you tell your boss to go F himself, he can totally fire your butt."

The one your mom didn't want you to see
Do you have a favorite kid? Lippy's mom did. "My mother always told me in private that I was her favorite. I didn't find out until decades later that she told my brother and two sisters the same thing."

The one that says what we were thinking
A fast-food chain is offering an enormous, nine-patty hamburger, and Ryan says what we couldn't. "I'm all for a big greasy hamburger now and then. But if I can't even fit it in my mouth, what the hell is the point?"

The one that's totally true
After reading about the bride whose good deed paid off, Happyteen noted: "When you do good it comes back to you someday but no matter what there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Great heart warming feature, Yahoo."