Craving a Snack? 7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Yogurt

7 reasons why you should snack on yogurt7 reasons why you should snack on yogurtAll it takes is a quick trip to your grocery's dairy section to see that people are gaga for yogurt - and with good reason. Truly a super food, yogurt is nutritious and tasty. Check out these 7 reasons to make yogurt the go-to snack for you and your kids.

1. Probiotics
Like it or not, your digestive tract is brimming with bacteria. But not all bacteria are created equal. Eating probiotic foods like yogurt can help the body to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial "good" bacteria, which in turn promote better digestion and regularity.

Vitamin BoostingVitamin Boosting
2. Vitamin Boosting
The probiotics in yogurt help the body absorb even more beneficial nutrients. Specifically, yogurt can boost the uptake of calcium and B vitamins.

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Immunity Support Immunity Support
3. Immunity Support
Research has shown that those who regularly eat yogurt have higher levels of immunity-helping proteins, known as interferons.

4. Calcium
Yogurt is packed with calcium, a nutrient that's especially important for growing bodies (or moms who are growing babies!). The probiotics in yogurt make it easier to absorb calcium, from wherever you get it, so you'll get even more of the good stuff!

Weight LossWeight Loss
5. Weight Loss
In a recent study, yogurt was named the #1 food associated with weight loss. So you can feel great about eating this awesome superfood.

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Female Health BenefitsFemale Health Benefits
6. Female Health Benefits
Yogurt can be a powerful ally in maintaining vaginal health since regular consumption of yogurt has been proven to lower the incidence of yeast infections.

Protein + CarbsProtein + Carbs
7. Protein + Carbs
Protein and a balance of natural sugars and carbs make yogurt a particularly satisfying snack. Studies have shown that compared with other 200 calorie snacks, those who ate yogurt felt fuller longer.

- By Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell

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