Danni Allen and Gina McDonald Win Biggest Loser 14's Top Prizes

By Brandi Koskie for DietsInReview.com

It seems quite fitting that in the same week the women's revolution re-ignites itself with Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In that two women would win both prizes on NBC's Biggest Loser. With only .78% separating the grand prize winner from the at-home winner, it was the closest finale weigh in ever.Biggest Loser 14 Winners Danni Allen and Gina McDonald.

Danni Allen won the Biggest Loser title the $250,000 grand prize, losing 121 pounds off of a starting weight of 258.

Gina McDonald won the at-home prize of $100,000, losing 113 pounds off of a starting weight of 245.

Danni proved the pink team legacy once again, but didn't need any of that kind of juju to help her win. She dominated this competition from day one, competing for over half the time as a single individual after her entire team either quit or was eliminated. She won all but two challenges, a feat not accomplished since season 7's Tara Costa. And she did it all side-by-side with trainer Jillian Michaels, who made a wildly popular return to the show after a two season hiatus.

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Gina McDonald was a likely candidate for winning the at-home prize, as she was consistently the Biggest Loser on the ranch; meaning she lost more weight than her competitors in the weekly weigh-ins. Her journey wasn't easy, in fact, it could be called highly emotional. While Danni and Jillian seemed to work in tandem, Gina and Bob Harper went head to head at every turn. Blame her lawyer mentality and his alpha mentality, or blame the Southern passion in each of them, but this fiery pair worked through it to the ultimate goal.

Jackson Carter rounded out the final three after America voted for him, leaving Joe Ostaszewski to compete as an at-home competitor. They lost 138 pounds and 147 pounds, respectively.

The only other finalist, Jeff Nichols, also narrowly missed the big prize. His final weight was 181 pounds for a total percentage loss of 46.65. It was a mere quarter of a point that separated he and Danni; one pound made the difference between first place and second place.

In total, this cast of 15 Biggest Losers weighed in at 4,296 pounds and collectively lost 1,431. They started at more than two ton, but no doubt made an impact larger than that in this Challenge America season.

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More impactful than any adult on the scale tonight were most definitely the three Biggest Loser teens, three young people selected as ambassadors to not only change their own health and fitness but to carry that message out in to their schools, communities, and nation to inspire change. We were disconcerted when Alison Sweeney announced how much weight Lindsay, Biingo, and Sunny had lost (more than 130 pounds combined) because the media had been assured from before the season started that their weight would never come in to question. Regardless, Lindsay, Biingo, and Sunny have never looked happier, healthier, or more empowered to take on their lives.

Biggest Loser 14 surely goes down amongst the best seasons this show has produced. Free of cat fights and melodrama, producers no doubt lured super fans back in to one more season. We'll see you on the ranch next fall!

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